20 August 2020






1.          Apologies and Reasons for Absence


2.          Declarations of Interest & Code of Conduct

                    2.1          To Receive Member’s Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

                    2.2          To Receive Updates to Members’ Register of Interests


3.          Minutes from Previous Meetings

                    3.1          Acceptance and signing of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 23 July 2020 


4.          Matters Arising from the Minutes

                    To Consider Contribution to Cost of Works on Churchyard Lime Trees


5.          To Receive Reports from County and District Councillors – Cllr Shaun Parsons and Cllr Mike Evemy


6.          To Receive Questions and Comments from the Public


7.          To Receive Chairman’s Report – Cllr Mrs J Tomblin


8.          Playing Field


9.          Village Hall  - Update


10.          Village Affairs

                    To Consider Cllr Stone’s Vehicle Speeds Report 


11.          Neighbourhood Development Plan

                    To Receive Update


12.          Finance

                    12.1          To Receive Bank Reconciliation and Budget Status up to 15 August 2020 

                    12.2          To Approve Bills for Payment:   Attached Schedule                              


13.          Planning

                    13.1          New Planning Applications 

                    20/02034/FUL   Land Parcel East Of Witpit Lane Preston Gloucestershire

                    Variation of condition 2 (drawings)of permission 15/01923/FUL - Proposed development of solar                     photovoltaic modules including access, temporary construction compound; single and double inverter                     platforms; transfer station; collecting station; security fencing; CCTV cameras and poles; landscaping;                     and associated works and infrastructure including underground cable along London Road verge and                     Witpit Lane verge and related equipment to allow connection to the electricity distribution network, to                     change the inverter type, internal access arrangements, solar photovoltaic module and associated                     substructure specification, and dimensions of the transfer station (DNO substation) and collecting station                     (Customer substation).


                    13.2          Planning Applications Responded to Since Last Meeting  -  None


                    13.3          Decision Notices Received

                    20/02482/AGFO    The Organic Farm Shop Abbey Home Farm Stow Road Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7                     5HA

                    A venlo (commercial) type glasshouse for horticulture

                    Permitted 10 August 2020

                    20/02157/TPO  3 Preston Leigh Siddington Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 6GE

                    G1 - Group of trees located behind the newly developed housing estate - Norway maple closest to the                     corner of the new house - Remove the two large low limbs back to the boundary. The other trees that                     overhang - Prune back the longest overhanging branches by 2- 3m in length

                    Permitted 14 August 2020


                     13.4          Planning Correspondence

                    To Consider and Respond to Consultation to Reform of the Planning System 

                    PC10                     PC11                     PC12 


                    13.5          Plus Any Urgent Planning Items Received since Publication of the Agenda


14.          Correspondence

                    Any Urgent Items Received since Publication of the Agenda


15.          Any Other Business

                    Please Note:  Decisions cannot be taken under this item.  It is an opportunity for Members to bring issues                     to the Council’s attention or items for future meetings.


16.          Date and Time of Next Meeting

                    To Be Advised