Village Design Statement


Analysis of survey for Preston Parish Design Statement

You will recall that the small Committee set up by the Parish Council to prepare a
Design Statement for the Village, issued a questionnaire in October 2015.  We received
an overall response from the Parish of about 45% but within the Village the response
was about 50%.  Thank you to all who took the time and made the effort to respond,
your views are extremely valuable.  The responses give us a good insight as to the
Villagers’ desire for the content of the Design Statement and have also provided
additional information which will be passed to the Parish Council for consideration.

You will recall that the object of the Design Statement is to give guidance to the
Cotswold District Council as to the type and appearance of any development, including
extensions. It is not a mandatory document and is not expected to identify locations
for further development in the Parish.  Therefore, whilst we thank those of you who
took the time to express your views about locations of further development and other
issues, they will not be included in the Design Statement but have been passed to the
Parish Council and District Council for their information.

Having said that, many of you identified the need to improve pedestrian safety at the
Toll Bar and along Kingshill Lane. These concerns will be passed to the Highways
Authority for consideration.


Some of the salient points from the survey were:

1. A majority of you enjoy living in the Village environment and the good access to
the countryside.

2. A majority like the predominantly rural character, the footpaths to the
countryside and the easy access to local shops and Cirencester.

3. As far as the local infrastructure is concerned a majority would like to see
some form of speed control through the village, a reduction in road noise and an
increase in the Broadband speed.

4. As far as the nature of the buildings and spaces is concerned a majority would
like houses/extensions constructed of stone, with natural wood doors and
windows and natural or reconstituted tiles with hedges or stone walls forming
the boundaries.


May 2017

The Design Statement is now complete and was adopted by the Parish Council on 11 May 2017.  It has also been submitted to Cotswold District Council.  Whilst it has not been adopted by CDC it will be available on their website as an advisory document for house-owners and developers.


The Parish Council would like to give very many thanks to the Group for all the work that they have put into this document :  Alan Stone, Karen Thornton, Chris Sutton and Sue Cameron.