14 September 2020







1.          Apologies and Reasons for Absence



2.          Declarations of Interest & Code of Conduct


                    2.1          To Receive Member’s Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda


                    2.2          To Receive Updates to Members’ Register of Interests



3.          Minutes from Previous Meetings


                    3.1          Acceptance and signing of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20 August 2020




4.          Matters Arising from the Minutes


                    To Receive Further Information from PCC and to Consider Contribution to Cost of Works on Churchyard                     Lime Trees



5.          To Receive Reports from County and District Councillors – Cllr Shaun Parsons and Cllr Mike Evemy


                    Update on Kingshill Lane Verge


                    Update on Toll Bar Meeting



6.          To Receive Questions and Comments from the Public



7.          To Receive Chairman’s Report – Cllr Mrs J Tomblin



8.          Playing Field



9.          Village Hall 

                    Update and to Note Minutes from the Committee Meeting on 20 August 2020 



10.          Village Affairs


                    Update from Meetings with Gridserve re Cirencester Solar Farm


                    Update from Meeting with Impact Planning



11.          Neighbourhood Development Plan


                    To Receive Update



12.          Finance


                    12.1          To Receive Bank Reconciliation and Budget Status up to 10 September 2020 


                    12.2          To Approve Bills for Payment:   Attached Schedule                              


                    12.3          To Consider Clerk’s New Salary Scales 


                    12.4          To Consider Planning for Budget 2021 - 2022 



13.          Planning


                    13.1          New Planning Applications 

                    20/02529/FUL.  Site Of Siddington Park Farm Siddington Gloucestershire GL7 6ET

                    Installation of Portakabin to be used as Marketing Suite for temporary period of 52 weeks and parking                     area with associated landscaping

                    Response 17 September 2020


                    20/03004/TPO. Siddington Park Farm Siddington Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 6ET

                    Pine T184 - Prune off side branches as per specification and photo
                    Leaning Pine next to T184 – Fell

                    Response 16 September 2020


                    20/02711/FUL. 1 Kingsway Preston Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 5XA

                    First floor extension above existing single storey front extension

                    Response 15 September 2020


                    13.2          Planning Applications Responded to Since Last Meeting  -  None


                    13.3          Decision Notices Received - None


                    13.4          Planning Correspondence


                     To Consider and Respond to Consultation to Reform Planning System   

                    PC10-20 , PC11-20 , PC12-20 , Template Letter 


                    South Cerney NDP – Regulation 14 Notification 


                    13.5          Plus Any Urgent Planning Items Received since Publication of the Agenda



14.          Correspondence


                    CDC – Climate Emergency Action Planning – 10 October 2020 


                    GAPTC – Call for Resolutions – AGM 14 October 2020 


                    NALC – Full Policy Register 


                    Gloucestershire Constabulary – Changes to Local Policing 


                    Plus Any Urgent Items Received since Publication of the Agenda



15.          Any Other Business

                    Please Note:  Decisions cannot be taken under this item.  It is an opportunity for Members to bring issues                     to the Council’s attention or items for future meetings.



16.          Date and Time of Next Meeting

                    To Be Advised